We are here to make your thirsty Thursday exciting, new, and hilarious


Whether you're going out for a date, night out, or just want to see the best stand up in Chicago, we have you covered. We even won an award for best stand up venue in Chicago by the Chicago Reader, beating out Zanies.




Our show started September 5th 2010 as ComedySportz's only stand up show.

Since then we moved from Mondays to Thursdays and we started to give away drinks to liven up your Thursdays
We give them away by drink raffle/to awesome audience members/and, under special shows, we ask an audience member to play a drinking game for a chance to win free drinks

On top of all the free booze and games we also have the best performers in Chicago performing on our stage
We've had comics that have been on:



AND we pride ourselves on our ability to spot unnoticed talent. That's why we couple our highly credited stand ups with the most underrated stand ups in Chicago. All so when they become a big star you can one day say "I saw them do stand up once for $8!" 

If you're still skeptical, then check out our current cast's Youtube stand up clips



Read about our history, the current cast, and the alumni that made this show

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